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" Trust is built with consistency".

Lincoln Chafee

" Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."

William Shakespeare

"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved".

George McDonald

“Trust but verify.” 

Ronald Reagan

"The best proof of love is trust".

Joyce Brothers

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.”

Old Proverb

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

Ernest Hemingway

" Adimelali, your trusted travel buddy

in Bali and beyond"

Dee Gorra

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”

Albert Einstein

Why Travel with adimelali

We are not a foreign company working in Bali. We are a local company working in the region: South, West, North, East, Central of Bali , Java and Lombok. Our crew and team are professionally trained and understand tourism, hospitality, people & culture of the Bali, Java and Lombok culture. Gorra as the team leader do not only know Bali but he have travelled and studied hospitality and tourism industry trough the famous Tourism and Hotelier University in Bali, this helps him to transfer his knowledge to every team member to understand and serve people from diverse cultures. Regular trainings are still conducted for our crew and team member. This is done so the team member and our crew are up-to-date with the current trends  in the industry but also so that they can serve our visitors better. 

Adimelali has been operating since 2009.When you book a trip with us, you have access to people who have been where you are going. You will deal directly with people who are able to answer your questions.We take you off the beaten path on carefully crafted itineraries that are unique and thoughtfully planned. We do not support conveyor-belt tourism, where groups are pushed through a rigid itinerary at the expense of spontaneity. The pace of the tours is designed to cater for the health of the guests.We support a number of development projects throughout the region, and we make sure you have close contact with local people. During some of our adventures, you have the opportunity to visit schools, orphanages, community projects  women’s groups and others.You will find our tours eventful, stimulating and great value for your money.

This is the story...

A Boy's Dream

My name is Agus Arya Adhi Wijaya a.k.a Dede. Some of my best friends call me Dee or Gorra. I like the name....Gorra. It sounds simple and is easy to remember, especially for the western tongue.

I was born on 1st of February, 1979, in a small village called Sidemen, in the eastern part of Bali.

As a village boy I used to play in farmland and rivers. My village is part of Karangasem regency, Bali province, Indonesia. It is famous for its beautiful view and creative people who produce the famous "Songket" sarongs. It is a place where the rice terraces still can be found surrounding the village, where the hills are green and clear water flows in the rivers.

The Balinese culture and traditions are still alive in my village which attracts many tourists. They have been coming to visit here for many years.

When I turned six, I became very interested in becoming a part of the tourism industry , This happened because I saw tourists from other countries walking down the road of my village, or sometimes in their rental cars, motorbikes or bicycles.

My friends and I would often try to attract them with childish antics on the way home after school. I have always dreamt of one day becoming a multilingual tour guide so I can communicate with people from all over the world.

Since then, I have always tried to learn to speak better English.

I would do this by sometimes just talking a view words in really broken English to a tourist who came to take our pictures with my village as the background. It was a great experience as a kid.

I remember a girl from United States whose name was Ms. Ness Preisler ( I remember her name, because I still have pieces of paper where she wrote her name and her address in US).
She was walking by herself one afternoon, and I ran to her from my house just to start a conversation with her, so I could practice my English. Talking to Ms. Preisler wa s one of my greatest experiences.
She encouraged me to learn because when we walked together, she was patient in trying to understand my broken English.

When I reached the age of eleven, I went to Junior High. We studied English. It was such a wonderful thing, finally learning the language in a formal way. I felt that I was getting closer to my dream of becoming a tour guide.

The Long Road

To make my dream seem closer, I attended Bali Hotel & Tourism Training Institute in Nusa Dua, throughout College. I majored in Tours, Travel Management and German.

Study was such a great experience for me as I felt that my dream was becoming closer. Finally I can speak with another language besides English. My tutor's name was Mrs. Simone who is from Germany. I learnt how to conduct guided tours, gained a greater understanding of Balinese culture and also of my own heritage.
Mr. Sukardi, my Guide Master was the man who helped me with this.


I graduated in 2000 and was then able to start preparing for my future. I applied to many companies for the position of a Tour Guide but did not get a job. I decided I would not give up, that maybe the direction of my dream would just have to change.

In 2001 I successfully applied for a job at the oldest dive center in Bali, BARUNA WATER SPORT. I started my career in Baruna Candidasa where the clients were mostly from Germany. I loved my new job and gained new and valuable experience in scuba diving.

I had many wonderful times there...

Gorra Boy
Gorra Bali
Gorra of Adimlali
Gorra and the Mountain in Bali
Gorra and Team

Bali Black October 2002

On October 12th 2002, two Bombs blasted in the heart of Kuta. The tourism industry in Bali collapsed.

Terrorism became a new nightmare that Bali was not yet ready for. Every country,
all over the world issued travel warnings saying not to visit Bali.
No more tourists came to visit, and the dive shop where was I working is closed. I had to find another job.

I then become a Photographer for a local News Paper called the "Nusa Tenggara Daily". I had to take a couple of horrible shots involving bad politics and corruption , I felt very uncomfortable. After six months as photographer and having to act like someone I'm not , I decided to quit.

Back to Tourism Industry, and work as operational staff in a local Travel Bureau . After five years since in this industry, Now I starting to move forward, starting my own business.


Adi Melali is also a long idea that I've been had in my head. A idea that's I've got and experienced from many years work in diversity travel company for over than 15 years. The idea about how to give more flexibility to every of our guest during explore our island, and the idea of supporting locally owned businesses is crucial in developing a strong local economy. Unlike national corporations, local businesses regularly purchase from other local retailers, farms, and service providers. 

Choose Local + Explore Local = Support Local !. 

Want to do some sightseeing? You might as well go for a stroll in the city center and you’ll quickly get a feeling of what are the main attractions. But there are also some local gems that are maybe less famous for outsiders but will certainly impress you.

Looking for those cool places that locals go to? Think that the best way to discover and experience these attractions! It’s definitely by meeting up with a local and get by with him or her as a guide. This main idea of adimelali is to take our guest to explore all the local favorites in shopping, dining, drinking, health, beauty, attractions, and entertainment; each category is filled with unique local businesses. From tourist local food all the way to breweries and beyond.

'Adi' is taken from my last name, Adhi Wijaya. The word 'Adi' in Bali also means little brother or sister and 'Melali' is an ‘official’ past time for a Balinese, which basically means ‘going out somewhere’. This could be by yourself or with a friend; visiting someone or simply going nowhere in particular.
These often spontaneous adventures invariably involve a coffee and a snack somewhere on the way. 
You are welcome to ‘melali’ with us and visit a friend in a village - the more remote the better.

Adi Melali, might just a simple name, but behind that there's a big dream.
A fair online travel that can trust by people all around the world as their travelling buddy in Bali.

Trust Adi Melali just like you trust your best buddy!

Explore a truly, deeply and madly of Bali and beyond with us ! 


Gorra of Adimelali Bali

Dee Gorra